Symposium Topics

10th International Symposium on Telecommunications (IST 2020)

Smart Communications for a Better Life

15-17 September, 2020



Future Networks, Systems and Technologies:

  • Access Networks/Systems and Power Line Communications
  • AI-Enabled Networks
  • Internet of Things Infrastructure
  • Optical Networks and Systems
  • Quantum Communications
  • Satellite and Space Communications
  • Signal Processing for Communications
  • Smart Grid Communications
  • Wireless Communications and Mobile Networks

Future Services:

  • AI-Enabled Services, Data Science, and Big Data Analytics
  • Block Chain
  • Communication QoS and Reliability
  • Communications Software, Services & Multimedia Apps.
  • Cloud & Fog Computing, Networking, and Storage
  • Data Protection, Privacy, and Network Security
  • Digital Health
  • Future Internet
  • Infrastructure Protection and Emergency Communications

Future Policies and Regulations:

  • Environmental Issues, E-waste, Wireless Radiation, and Power Consumption
  • Future Jobs and Education
  • Innovation Policies and Market Size
  • Public Policy Issues
  • Quality of Service Monitoring and License Obligations
  • Social Networks, Opinion Manipulation and Fake News
  • Spectrum Allocation for Future Networks and Services
  • Strategies for Migration to Future Networks and Services
  • Tariffs and Service Affordability (Customer Protection and Industry Incentives)